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Dear Sirs,

Kim Tours is pleased to present to Your attention some touristic offers to visit a less known, but not less interesting, part of Italy: the North-western part, where the largest towns are Milan, Turin, Genoa. Your Clients will have the possibility of become acquainted not only with these large towns (that nevertheless, as all Italian territory, have got rich historical and cultural heritage), but also with the local gastronomy, that is part of the national cuisine for which Italy is known world-wide. Some offers will also have accommodation based in sea resorts just for not  forgetting the different souls of Italy.

The offer presented by Kim Tours is organised in MODULES that can be easily combined together or combined with already existing programmes of yours, and of course adapted to flight timetables and arrival/departure airports; if you offer holiday by coach no problem at all.

The four following modules, however, are only some examples of what can be offered on your market and can be agreed/changed according to your programming.

We will be pleased to take part together with you to the process of finding the best solutions for your Clients.




FORM 001/15 - Flower Riviera & Cote d'Azur

 (5 days/4 nights)   This tour will give to your Clients the opportunity of visiting the Western part of the Ligurian Region and part of the nearby celebrated French Cote d’Azur. Being based in one of the famous holiday resort of Sanremo,or Diano the Clients will have the opportunity ...
FORM 002/15 - Tigulio gulf and Cinque Terre Region

 5 days and 4 nights   This tour will give you the possibility of visiting the East side of the Ligurian Region called “Riviera di Levante”. This is an extremely pictoresque and charming corner of the Region Liguria. We shall stay in a 4- or 3-star Hotel in Santa Margherita Ligure ...
FORM 003/15 - Turin & the Piemonte region

(5 days/4 nights)   Turin: seat of the greatest car factory in Italy, the FIAT. During the nineteenth century, Turin was the capital of the Kingdom of Italy and for this reason it is a very interesting town for its historic and artistic value. Witness of this nobility will be The Royal Palast of ...
FORM 004/15 - Milan and the Lakes Region

(5 days/4 nights)   Both from the commercial and industrial point of view, certainly Milan is the Capital town of Italy and an important international district. In Milan lives several different souls together. Milan is an important University center and a leading publishing town as well s ...
FORM 005/15 - Florence and the North Tuscany

(5 days/4 nights)   Florence, birthplace of the Italian culture, rich of monuments, works of art, or, to say better itself a splendid work of art, without need of any further presentation. The Region of Tuscany on the other side is all together a destination of high touristic interest, for its s ...
FORM 005bis/15 - Livorno and the Elba Island

(5 days/4 nights)   This tour specifically more touristic, is based as Hotel In Livorno port of the Tuscany Riviera, also called the Tuscany Venice owing the canals in the town. We shall thenvisit Volterra town of etrurian foundation visiting the Porta d'Arco. By The ferry that will take us ...
FORM 006/15 - Tours in the Langhe & Monferrato Wine Region

(4-5-6 days/3-4-5 nights)   These Tours basing in the hearth of the Piedmont Region in the wineland called “The Langhe” & “Roero”will bring our visitors to esplore one of the most important corners of North West Italy, where the principal activity, since the old y ...
FORM 007/15 Tour of Langhe+Flower Riviera+French Cote d'azur

P.N. This programme can only take place during the last two weeks of February 2015 in connection with the Lemon Festival of Menton (14.02.2015 to 04.03.2015) and the Nice Carnaval ( 13.02.2015 to 01.03.2015) . 6 days, 5 overnights in hotels of at least 3 stars sup or 4 stars, all rooms with private f ...
FORM 009/15 - Lakes Maggiore, Como & Orta

3 nights/4 days This tour will give the oportunity of visiting one of the most charming corner of Italy “the lakes Region” We shall explore together the Lake of Como, Lake Maggiore and the small paradise of the Lake d'Orta. The environment owing the particular micro climate will surprise ...
FORM 010/15 - Short visit to Liguria

2 nights/3 days   The Province of Imperia is the land of production of one of the best italian olive oil made with the olives “Taggiasca” which are very apreciated by European gourmets for salades or fish.This oil with the basil also grown in this area is the base of the world famous & ...